I Now Pronounce You Awesome! 5 Epic Wedding Themes

The classic white dress, black tuxedos, painstakingly match-y bridesmaids all in a row in the tastefully decorated chapel; these are all the makings of a dream wedding. For some, though, the idea of a traditional wedding is just too tame. From the dress to the location, these wedding ideas turn the old standards of taste and decorum on their perfectly coifed heads:

1) The “Adventure” Wedding

When walking down the aisle seems too safe, how about an adventure wedding? How about strapping on a parachute and sky diving your way to matrimony, or perhaps shouting your vows whilst strapped to the wings of a biplane in flight is more your style? More of an underwater adventurist, are you? Slap on a scuba tank and dive in. I hear sharks make excellent groomsmen.

2) The “Creepy” Wedding

For those who crave a more spine-tingling way to make it official, try the creepy wedding. Throw on your best black dress, grab a bouquet of dead roses, and meet your groom at the cemetery for an uplifting Goth ceremony. Still seem a bit too average for you? How about celebrating living-dead style with a gore-filled, Zombie-themed wedding? Charm your guests with fake blood and a faux-eviscerated bridal party, followed up by a reception featuring, you guessed it: brains! (Fake, preferably.) Got a thing for a certain sparkly vampire set? Slap on some Halloween party fangs, bring on the bats, and throw a wedding of undead proportions. Sure, grandma might get freaked out, but it is your special day.

3) The “Geek-chic” Wedding

Don’t worry comic book and Sci-fi fans. You haven’t been left behind. After finally finding the Lois to your Clark, what better way to spread the love then with a Superhero-themed wedding; nothing like capes and tights to evoke the magic of the special day. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of the day you could sweep a certain bun-wearing princess off her feet? Dust off those replica light-sabers and robes and make it official(ly awesome!). Just try your best not to refer to your mother-in-law as everyone’s favorite Hutt crime boss.

4) The “FANatic” Wedding

Just because you are getting married doesn’t mean you should neglect to represent your favorite sports team. In fact, a wedding is the perfect place to showcase exactly how special a place your team holds in your heart. Think outside the box and take a step further than just coordinating the flowers to the team colors. Endless possibilities await the true sports fanatic. Ring bearer carrying a football instead of a dainty satin pillow? Check. Are the groomsmen painted up like an NFL version of Braveheart? Done. Wedding scheduled to be finished just in time for kickoff? Perfect.

5) The “Redneck” Wedding

No talk of unconventional weddings would be complete without mentioning the sacred Redneck ceremony. Camouflage and cut-off denim, shirtless men and barefoot women, these are the things that make a true Redneck wedding special. Forget the limousine. This couple is leaving on the back of an ATV headed straight for the mud bog. Enjoy a hefty helping of deer steak or pig roast and wash it all down with a lukewarm swig of moonshine right from the Mason jar. All jokes aside, Redneck weddings are probably the most fun, at least until the fights break out.

What to Wear for a Beach Wedding?

Your good friend is getting married and has invited you to attend her wedding ceremony. She has chosen the trendy beach wedding held at one of the most pristine beaches in the country. Scouting through your wardrobe, you realize that you have no idea on what to wear for the event.

For a summer beach wedding, the wedding theme itself entails a casual feel. You want to look casual and smart, yet not too causal that you feel that you are not respecting the bride and groom. Thus if you are thinking to go in a jacket suit, it is a no no.

So what is the appropriate attire for the event? You want to look chic and good. If it is a day event, one good choice is to have a summer dress that flatters the body shape. You could add on accessories such as a hat and a clutch purse or bag. The color of the hat should match the palest color of your dress and not the darkest. You could also wear simple accessories such as a bangle or a necklace.

If you intend to be trendy, you could try to mix pieces of similar colors and patterns. Your hat then could be a fun loving piece but not too over bearing. Wear sexy shoes like silhouettes but make sure that they are comfortable and don’t sink easily in the sand. Try not to wear any piece that is made of the denim material or anything that will crease badly during the ceremony such as linen. Denim sort of symbolizes the lack of respect for the event. If you don’t wish to portray that message, do drop these off the list.

If the beach wedding is an evening affair, choose a dress that is sexy yet appropriate for the event. Try not to come in a tweed jacket or anything that is too formal. Wear something which you feel comfortable and you are able to hit the dance floor after the event to join in the fun! Try to coordinate the colors so that it is soothing and not loud. Brown shades are great for the event. Don’t come in an evening gown as you might look weird. Try a knee length or a three quarters skirt. Style your hair and wear matching accessories.

Mason Jar Koozie Ideas

Do you drink your coffee or favorite drinks from a mason jar? Well, make yourself a decorative mason jar koozie, or cozy as they’re sometimes called, for your favorite drink and your jar will be a lot more comfortable to hold.

Think about it – when you put cold drinks in a glass, especially when you add ice, they sweat on the outside and they can get pretty cold to hold too. A mason jar koozie will keep the outside of your glass dry.

If you use jars for coffee or hot chocolate, or any other hot drink, you can wrap a koozie around the jar and make it a lot more comfortable to hold.

Regular coffee mugs have handles and they’re made with the type of glass that doesn’t get that hot on the outside while the coffee is steaming inside. Mason jars aren’t especially made for drinking out of, but since they’re gaining in popularity to use as drinking mugs, people are coming up with some fun ways to decorate them too.

Mason Jar Koozie Pattern Ideas
You can make a koozie out of just about anything – old sweaters, old towels, denim. Or you can knit or crochet your own.

Some pattern ideas are really pretty simple. Measure around the jar and measure the height of the jar, and then add a couple of inches to allow for folding and stitching the ends together.

If you make a koozie that has a bottom to it, you’ve just created a combo koozie/coaster too!

Ideas for Weddings
Wedding koozies are pretty popular today too. And if you’re creative, you can make your own mason jar koozies for wedding favors.

Your guests will love these because after the wedding, they’ll have a jar with a custom koozie on it that they can use for just about anything at all!

Food Ideas
If you’re giving little treats for wedding favors, why not put them into jars and wrap a decorative koozie around it?

Since just about anything can be put into these fun jars, you can use your imagination. Cookies, candy, cookie mix, drink mix, anything you’re already planning on giving for favors can be put into these jars. Add a decorative koozie and you have the perfect favors!

Mason Jar Gift Ideas
Why stop at wedding or party favors? They’re great for birthday, holiday or special occasion gifts too.

If you have birthday gifts during the winter season, put a hat and mittens into the jar.
For Valentine’s Day, how about a little stuffed Teddy Bear that says I Love You?
Going to a wedding or baby shower? Turn a mason jar into a pump dispenser for liquid soap or baby lotion.
Know someone who does a lot of sewing? Make a custom pin cushion from a jar. Then make pockets in the koozie for a pair of scissors and a measuring tape.

Just use your creativity or head over to Pinterest to brainstorm some ideas of your own. And whatever you come up with, design a mason jar koozie to go with it!

Western Wedding Dresses – Many Different Ways That The Western Bride Can Shine

Your big day is coming up soon and now you need to look through the many choices of available western wedding dresses to pick the one that’s perfect for you! Well there’s good news for you! There are lots of choices in styles, colors and fabrics among western wedding dresses. It’s hard to choose when there so many choices, so try to think about your own personal style – are you looking for a dress that’s traditional, modern, or reminiscent of the old west? What season will you be getting married? Is your event indoors or out? In what type of fabric would you feel most comfortable? Lace, Satin, and Elegant Denim are all available fabrics for a host of styles. 2 pieces suites with Bolero Jackets with elegant beadwork, classy denim fitted gowns or lace and ruffled sleeveless dresses are all popular choices. All of these special western wedding dresses come in a variety of lengths such as: Full length and fitted, full length and full, t-length, knee-length or hanky bottom edged gowns.

Do you have a color preference for your gown? Today’s western wedding dresses come in a host of shades from classic white and ivory or more modern hues like pink, turquoise, purple or sage. It is really up to you – you can’t go wrong with this unique style of dress. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids, flower girls and Mothers’ of the Bride. Coordinating their dresses with your western wedding dress will make for a well-coordinated look and beautiful photographs that you will treasure for years to come! Colors of these dresses should coordinate with or accent your own dress. Mixing and matching lengths within coordinated styles can be a creative approach when you have bridesmaids with various tastes and styles. You can individualize each bridesmaid dress, while keeping the overall look consistent for your bridal party. Mother of the Bride dresses can coordinate among bride and groom side of the families, as well as with the Bridal Party.

Don’t forget to accessorize your western wedding dresses with western style wedding boots, headpieces and jewelry. Other accessories include lace parasols decorated with fresh flowers. Most bridal stores that stock western wedding dresses will also have coordinating western wedding boots in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. High or low heels as well as ankle or mid calf boots are a fine complement to accent the look of western wedding dresses. Headpieces can also accent your dress choice with options such as a traditional lace veil or more western looking hats with detachable veils, or beaded combs with attached veils.

Most Bridal Stores carry a good selection of western wedding dresses and you can try these on to get an idea for style, fit and fabric. These boutiques also carry bridesmaid, flower girl and Mother of the Bride Gowns. Alterations can often be done on site for a fee. On-line boutiques also carry one of a kind, custom, western wedding dresses. This is a popular shopping option when you want to review many different styles that are available in standard dress sizes. Be sure to always read the return policy before making your purchase. Should your dress not fit as desired or if it looks different in person than you remembered, you want to make sure you can get a refund or exchange should you change your mind about your selection. Shopping for western wedding dresses can be a fun, memorable experience – you’ll look beautiful on your special day regardless of what style you choose!

Wedding Anniversary Gifts – First Five Years

A wedding anniversary is the anniversary (or yearly celebration) that occurs on the month and day of the wedding ceremony. The 25th and 50th anniversaries are the most often celebrated anniversaries. These celebrations often include family gatherings.

Specific types of gifts are traditionally associated with many of the yearly anniversaries, and gifts for the first five anniversaries are a great way to help a newly married couple celebrate. In general, there are two types of gifts associated with each anniversary – a traditional gift and a modern gift. Below is a list of the traditional and modern gifts given for the first five anniversaries, along with some ideas for each.

One Year:

Paper (Traditional) / Clocks (Modern)

For paper, stationary with the family name printed on it is a good idea. Photographs may be another. Creative baskets filled with various paper gifts (like cards, gift certificates, etc.) can create a unique and personal gift idea.

Clocks are the modern choice for the first anniversary. With a seemingly endless assortment of clocks available, you have many to choose from. Engraving the anniversary date is a nice touch.

Two years:

Cotton (Traditional) / China (Modern)

Cotton bed sheets may be one of the first items to come to mind, but there are also many other items made from cotton. For instance, terrycloth towels and bathrobes are made of cotton, as are denim and corduroy. Again, a gift basket of items that include cotton could be a unique and personal gift idea. Choose items that relate to hobbies or interests shared by the couple. A few items that include cotton are books (book bindings include cotton), coffee filters, and tents.

China isn’t just for dishes. An oriental gift basket or a set of Chinese herbs and teas can make an original gift idea.

Three years:

Leather (Traditional) / Crystal, glass (Modern}

Leather items can include watches, luggage, leather-bound books, jackets and shoes.

For the modern gift, crystal and glass can be found in many items, such as photo frames, dishes, light fixtures, televisions, windows, art pieces, dishes, clocks, computers and jewelry. Again, customize or engrave items to make them personal and choose items that can be related to the couple’s interests.

Four years:

Linen, Fruit or Flowers (Traditional) / Appliances or electrical gifts (Modern)

Tablecloths or sheets make great linen purchases for a gift. Baskets of flowers or fruits are suitable traditional gifts for this anniversary, too. In addition, memberships for monthly flower or fruit clubs are a great idea for this gift. Items decorated with fruit or flowers can be easily found for gift ideas.

Electrical appliances can range from dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. to smaller items like travel coffee mugs, blenders and food processors. Even assorted items related to cooking appliances can be given for this modern gift.

Five years:

Wood (Traditional) / Silverware (Modern)

Wood can be found in a countless amount of items. A few good traditional ideas for this anniversary would be coffee tables, coat racks, or perhaps a welcome sign with the couple’s name printed on it. Many household items have wood accents and hand-carved wooden objects can be elegant, personal gifts.

Silverware can be fairly straightforward as a gift, but you can also consider other items that contain silver, like jewelry, various collectibles, coins, musical instruments, kitchen utensils or cookware, and mirrors.

Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas

Weddings have not changed much over the past hundred years, but the awareness surrounding environmental impact has changed. There are a number of different ways to throw an eco-friendly and cost-effective wedding; all that’s needed is a little creativity. Basic understandings of where products originate, and were they go to end their lives is also helpful when planning an eco wedding.

There are a vast number of things needed for the big event that will impact the environment. There are wedding invitations, shower announcements, rings, dresses, flowers, and leftover food. That’s just a few of the necessities! The following article will help couples find creative and festive ways to save on wedding costs, while doing their part to protect the planet.

Once the date is set, the couple should start sending out invitations for both the wedding shower and the wedding ceremony. An eco conscious way to use paper is to ensure that no trees are cut down during the paper-making process. Many companies make tree-free paper products using recycled coffee beans, cotton, denim and hemp. Of course, there are also lots of places on the Internet to purchase 100% recycled paper.

In addition to tree-free paper products, the paper should also be off-white or colored. The chemical bleaching process used to make white paper emits many toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Many of these chemicals take years to break down in the environment.

Recycled rings are not only more cost-effective, but have a large impact on protecting the environment. Gold mining is one of the most toxic of all gem-mining procedures. Many jewelers today can use any type of recycled precious metal to create custom wedding and engagement rings. For a more traditional approach, the couple could also use vintage pieces, which can be redesigned into radiant new pieces that will be both beautiful and unique.

After the rings, the wedding dress is the single largest expense for most weddings. The choice of dress can be another great way to cut costs to both the budget and the environment. If the wedding will be in a sunny, summer location, a nice cotton dress might be nice for the bride. Cotton is a natural material, and does not require the toxic chemical processing that satins, or other human-made fibers require.

Other human-made materials used in many traditional weddings are plastics for fake flowers. Traditional floral arrangements are used in centerpieces and bouquets that are designed to last long after the ceremony. Instead of using silk or plastic flowers, consider using potted flowers, flower petals, tree saplings, and flower bulbs. These can be used for centerpieces, decorations, and the petals and flower blossoms can be used to shower the new couple as they leave the reception hall. For a twist, throwing lavender blossoms or rose petals is a lovely idea. They create a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos and they smell wonderful!

Many couples choose to open their gifts at a date sometime after the wedding reception. But no matter when they are opened, gifts are a big part of any wedding celebration. A bridal registry is a great way to eliminate the possibility of receiving duplicate gifts, but frequently leaves the new couple with lots of items they don’t truly need. Instead of setting up a bridal registry, many couples choose convenient ways for their guests to make charitable donations. Making the donation in the bridal party’s name gives the new couple a wonderful feeling, and prevents pollution to the environment from the manufacturing of unnecessary gifts.

While the wedding ceremony is one of the most important events the newlyweds will ever celebrate, it is only for one day of their lives. However, the impact on the environment will last well beyond their wedding day. Making environmentally conscious decisions will make a great difference on the effects for Mother Nature. Many of the aforementioned eco wedding ideas are extremely cost effective and show future generations that weddings can be fun and conscientious.

Weddings Western Style

More and more couples today are choosing to have the wedding they want in the way they want and refuse to be dictated to as to how their special day should be celebrated by tradition.

Wedding themes are the perfect way to start a new life together, the couples enjoy their day just as much as the guests do, which is most unusual for a wedding day with its traditional stress and ridged ceremony. Some themes are absolutely ideal in their ability to accept and blend a little tradition and ceremony with a little party flair. One particular theme that stands out as being the most versatile is the western themed wedding.

If deciding on a western theme wedding you have the choice of exchanging your nuptials in a religious building or in some other beautiful location indoors or out.

To set the theme right off when doing the âI doâsâ, you could find a small older country flavored building and dress it up inside with quaint little floral arrangements of local native flora, abandoning the idea of expensive âover the topâ floral masterpieces that chew into the entertainment budget.

The choices of where and what to decorate with when planning your western wedding theme are simply endless. A western themed wedding does not appear as a budgeting option when holding the service or the entire event outdoors. Dressing up a lawn or a barn shed for western themed wedding is as simple as having a beautiful spring wedding and taking advantage of the wedding flowers growing naturally around the place, buying a few hay bales for the guests to sit on and celebrating a new life together without the fuss and bother that goes with a stuffy formal wedding reception.

Dressing the bridal party is also far easier and less expensive than outfitting for a formal traditional wedding. The bride could choose to wear a formal gown patterned in the design of yesteryear, perhaps carry a lace sun umbrella instead of a bouquet of flowers and stand right up as the southern belle of the day, or the bride could wear a simple cotton tunic and be the poor farmerâs daughter. The bride could even go real casual in denim jeans and cute cowgirl boots. Whichever look you might decide on for your western themed wedding you can be sure that you can have it to suite any budget and that look is just right for you.

I do recommend that if you are opting for very casual dress for your western themed wedding, to buy something special for the day and spend some time on the usual wedding preening. Formal or casual you really do want to look your greatest. My secret tip from one sister to another when dressing for your western wedding, make your lingerie the most special you can, surprise the groom with something a little special the guests will never know about.

The bridal party could arrive in horse drawn carriages, either coach style or an open cart. Certainly the groom making his entry on horseback is always sensational. If the groom does not ride, the way to the alter is not the place to learn, even those bomb proof ponies have a way of losing an inexperienced rider. In this case, an open cart is honestly recommended. If you would prefer not to take your chances with the horses on your special day, there are always vintage car clubs that might recommend some great western themed cars for you. Perhaps you might consider a few utility trucks to make the entrance just right for your western wedding themed wedding.

The food at a western themed wedding is also very versatile. You might like to have your wedding catered. A little shopping around is sure to find a caterer to suite your needs. Catering could be as simple as a spit roast, corn on the cob and boiled potatoes. You might even consider casual fried chicken pieces and home baked vegetables, perhaps a few pies and things presented like a fair bake-off.

Donât forget to let your guests in on the theme right from the start. When sending out your invitations, be clear that your wedding will have a western theme and ask your guests to dress accordingly.